A Woman’s Choice, And A Soul’s Destiny

Jasmine Clemente
6 min readJul 2, 2022

Do Souls Really Choose Which Mother’s Womb Will Be The Portal Into This World?

Image by Marc Sendra Martorell for Unsplash

I am both pro-choice and pro-life. But, how can I be for both? As a woman, I’ve felt conflicted, pondering over what feels morally nourishing to my soul, and what feels “off.” This was definitely a topic that I had to think about, alone, without being too heavily influenced by the divine sisterhood. I love women and I’ve been a big feminist my whole life, encouraging female empowerment, independence, and freedom of expression. But I still needed to drop into my intuition for “myself,” to see what came up for me.

When I heard that the state of Texas gave absolutely no flexibility in women having abortions under no circumstance, I felt that this kind of rigidity lacked compassion towards unique situations. It didn’t feel natural or loving, but rather constricting and controlling.

However, I also understand that there’s a spiritual world beyond the veil of this physical world and that when a soul chooses to come to earth, they come through the portal of a woman’s womb — and that to me, for a woman, is an honorable role designed by source energy.

There are all types of reasons why women choose to abort. In some extreme cases, it can be due to the trauma of rape, the fleeing of an abusive relationship, or avoiding a severe medical condition. Every woman makes her own choice depending on the moral compass of what is in alignment with her own integrity, and what she feels would be best for her baby.

Speaking for myself, (since we are all at unique stages of our own spiritual development) I don’t agree with a five, six, or seven-month-old baby being aborted. Choosing to end that child’s life once it’d developed legs, arms, skin, blood, nerves, and a heartbeat, feels unbalanced, or like this action falls somewhere within the grey shade of questionable iniquity because it isn’t as clear as a black or white decision.

I understand aborting within 3 months of pregnancy, but after that point, the child shouldn’t be punished for something that isn’t its fault. If we look at this objectively, the baby is innocent — a separate human being. Hence, just think of all the beautiful friends and family we know today, who may…

Jasmine Clemente

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