How The Universe Prepared Us For These Uncertain Times

Image by Erik Brolin for Unsplash

There is an argument about whether or not Yoga is just another form of physical exercise or an actual religion? Hmmm? Perhaps it’s neither. At the beginning of this pandemic, I took advantage of the half-priced online Yoga Teacher Training courses and became certified. In no way shape or form…

How Hard Times Don’t Necessarily Mean You’re Going Backward

Image by Kumpan Electric for Unsplash

If you’re going through a rough patch in life, you might feel as if you’re going backward. But don’t panic! You might just be experiencing turbulence.

When you’re flying an airplane, sometimes you have to travel through thick clouds which causes the plane to descend. It can feel frightening as…

Turning the fear of the unknown into an opportunity for spiritual growth

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe for Unsplash

At the end of 2020, I had lost my secure and stable job with a beloved humanitarian company and had to collect unemployment for the first time. I was so scared because there was a hiring freeze at almost every company, and the country was in turmoil. Where would I…

Jasmine Clemente

200hr Yin Yoga Teacher & Author of “Living In The Light: A Guide To Discovering & Manifesting Your Life Purpose.”

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